Unique Opportunity to Lease a World Class Recording Studio in Melbourne's East

The studio was designed in consultation with renowned studio architect Peter Brown and also incorporates a classic recording room designed and tuned by legendary acoustician Richard Priddle (Alberts Studios, Tiger, 2UE, Sony Studios, Milk Bar, 301, Rhinoceros) and built under his supervision by master-craftsman Holger Schumann.

The control room and tracking room are completely isolated from the existing structure via Embleton rubber floor pads. Line of sight. Rooms within rooms. Completely silent. Tuned absorbers on walls and ceiling. Silent ducted air-conditioning with plenums etc. 5.1 monitoring, fully soundproofed.

General Features include:

  • Unrestricted parking
  • Ground floor - easy access from front or rear
  • Beautiful recycled Blackbutt flooring throughout
  • Silent Daikon ducted heating and cooling
  • Best-Practice acoustic rooms inside rooms with angled walls, angled windows and angled ceiling for premium acoustic response - superb for monitoring, recording, critical listening and mixing.
  • Rooms all wired for microphone lines and returns.
  • Two storage spaces for extra gear/ guitar cases etc.
  • Clean, safe and leafy neighbourhood
  • Next door to vinyl record store with over 10,000 records/ Hollywood Memorabilia store
  • Depending on the lease - potential to include a Hamburg Steinway Grand Piano, vintage Hammond Organ with Leslie and other premium outboard gear, including a perfectly-maintained vintage MCI Tape machine. View full List of all Outboard Gear and Instruments.

01 Control Room 1.JPG

Control Room

  • Wide 900mm super-isolated glass doors with Raven seals/sound locks
  • Line of sight
  • Separate vocal booth with line of site to both control room and tracking room perfect for Vocal Recording, Voice Over or ADR
  • Ideal Media Suite for Film editing and viewing
  • Genelec 5.1 sound monitors mounted and hard-wired into the walls at optimal acoustic positions
  • Natural Light and Skylight in main tracking room and light from both ends of the studio - a real luxury in an optimal acoustic space and a must have for the morning after late night sessions!
Tracking Room.JPG

Main Tracking Room

  • Killer drum tracking setup
  • Separate Machine Room space if needed - isolates any machine noise
  • Line of sight to separate vocal booth and Control Room
  • Tuned absorbers on walls and ceiling
Office Kitchenette 1.jpg

Office/Kitchenette/ Chill-out Room

  • Skylight/ Natural light in the kitchenette
  • Chill-out area
  • Games; pool table, air hockey and table tennis
  • Bathroom with hand drier
  • Potential for including 1960s Retro Caravan with Gypsy styled interior as a chill out space a favourite with artists and guaranteed to stimulate the muse bringing inspiration for any session!


·      Steinway Grand Piano - Model ‘O’ made in Hamburg Late 1940's Model

·      Hammond A-100 (circa 1965) and Tall-Boy Leslie 122

·      Original 1970’s Minimoog

·      Early 1960’s Vox AC-30

·      ‘Konstellation’ Custom Valve Amp and Speaker Cabinet

·      MCI 1 Inch 8 Track Tape Machine



·      Genelec 1031A Studio Monitors (1X Pair of Speakers)

·      Genelec Subwoofer 7070A Active Subwoofer

·      5 X Genelec 8020 Studio Monitors in 5.1 Array

·      Pair of NS-10M - Studio Monitors powered by Bryston 4B Amplifier




·      Avalon VT-737 Mic Pre EQ

·      Avalon VT-747 Stereo Valve EQ Compressor

·      UA LA-610 Valve Microphone Preamp and Compressor

·      UA LA-610 Bill Putnum Jr Signature Edition Microphone Preamp and Compressor

·      LA-2A - ORIGINAL TELETRONIX (Division of Babcock) 
Vintage Compressor/Limiter   SERIAL NO: 650 


·      "The Rooster" Valve Preamp with EQ by Thermionic Culture 

·      Fatso Analogue Tape Simulator

·      Neve AMS 8816 Summing Desk 

·      Vintage MCI 500 Preamp/EQ 2 X Stereo Pairs (4 channels)

·      Vintage V72 Tube Preamp

·      2 X Chandler Limited Germanium Preamp / DI 

·      2 X Chandler MKII Channels 

·      Phoenix Tube Compressor by Thermionic Culture

·      Helios 1r Stereo Type 69 Mic Pre / EQ



·      2 X Furman Pulse II Power Supply Conditioners 

·      1 X Stanton Turntable STR-8 150

·      MCI 8 Track Tape Machine JH110

·      Apple Cinema Display Monitor

·      Sony Bravia 40” LCD TV

·      Universal Audio Apollo 16 Audio Interface

·      Bantom Signex XPT 96D25 Patchbays



·      2X Senheiser 421

·      Coles Ribbon Microphones Matched Pair Millenium Edition

·      2 X AKG C451B (Factory Matched Pair)

·      1 X AKG D112

·      2 X Sure Beta 57

·      4 X Sure SM57

·      1 X AKG D880

·      1 X Sure Beta 58

·      4 X Audio Technica PZM Boundary Microphones



Other Gear not included but available for hire by separate arrangement (on a case by case basis):

·      Vintage Neumann U-47 with case, VF-14 Tube and Blue Shock Mount & original Power Supply

·      Vintage AKG Vintage C-12 Microphone

·      Neumann M147 Studio Condenser Microphone

·      Hammond Organ L122 Circa 1965 

·      Original Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

·      Roland Jupiter-8 Synthesizer

·      Hohner Pianet Clavinet Duo

·      Wurlitzer Electric Piano

·      1970’s Classic Fender Rhodes

·      Roland Analogue String Synth RS-202

·      Over 30 Various Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Basses

·      Various Musical Curiosities


Gideon Frankel

Mobile: 0409 236 723



Daniel Frankel

Mobile: 0408 177 530