Professional Vocal Recording

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We are excited to offer outstanding professional vocal recordings in our world-class recording studio.

Your showreel is key to advancing your career. Presenting your talent in the most successful and professional light is vital for boosting your profile, promoting shows, winning auditions and callbacks and when your fans click on your link they will hear an optimum version of your voice - the best version of you!

It is a super-inspiring experience to record in our professional studio with an award-winning producer and the finest recording equipment/microphones (and great coffee!).

With a four hour recording session we will produce an ultra high-quality professional vocal recording, (given you are well-rehearsed, know the lyrics/melody and bring a backing track).

This allows enough time to explore the interpretation, take the song different ways and capture a  great emotional performance ensuring we have everything we need for a fantastic mix.

The cost for a 4 hour session is $500 ex GST