We have created a custom showreel for you (please keep scrolling down). Its a selection of work we thought  you would enjoy!




We discovered a lead-sheet that was written by our late Grandfather - Joe Frankel (a geologist and jazz pianist who unfortunately we never knew) . The song was published in England as sheet music back in the 1930's.  We'd never heard it and as far as we know no recordings were ever made of it so we thought it would be exciting to bring it to life and make our own version. We are lucky to have his Hamburg Steinway grand piano in the studio. Enjoy!



After seeing your spot for Paralympics - "We’re The Superhumans"  we wanted to share this work with you.
We dived into the outrageous world musical comedy last year co-writing  with beloved Australian comedian Glynn Nicholas and collaborating with outstanding choreographer Jason Coleman (/Choreographer of the Sydney Olympics, Judge of So You Think You Can Dance). 
This loving homage to all the over-the-topness of Eurovision is set in at the fictional grand final in Minsk, Belarus.
Below are a few numbers from the cast performance filmed in the theatre, including the half time number "Come Alive in Belarus, R U Ready to Party?!" sung by the Belarussian hostess of the evening: Betina Bitjakokov and the entry from Greece, "You are Love, You are Spirit, You are Soul" - try saying that three times out loud but maybe not at work!




We met Roy  while travelling overseas and after jamming with him, we were so impressed with his voice and explosive performance that we wrote and produced  a whole album of original songs especially for him.
This passion project gained momentum and we ended up partnering with legendary New York label Tommy Boy Records and putting together an  incredible team including the great Motown arranger Gil Askey and  the legendary arranger and producer Willie Mitchell at his famous "Royal Studios" in Memphis, Tennessee. Willie's all-star band of soul musicians  -  Charles "Skip" Pitts (THE guitarist from "Shaft"), Leroy Hodges (THE bass player from all our favourite Al Green records), Preston Shanon, Lester Snell and Steve Potts (Booker T and the MGs) as well as members of THE Memphis Horns!  It was an honour to have  worked with these remarkable musicians. We mixed this record with Grammy winning Engineer  Dave Darlington in New York.
You can watch the-behind-the scenes movie below. 



We wrote and produced this closing song for the Hollywood Movie 'Call Me Crazy'.
'Call Me Crazy' staring Academy Award® and Golden Globe® winners Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Leo and Octavia Spencer, Sarah Hyland, Brittany Snow, Sofia Vassilieva,  Ernie Hudson, Jason Ritter,  Jean Smart, Lea Thompson, Melanie Griffith and Chelsea Handler. Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd and Sharon Maguire direct the anthology.


We partnered with Agency creatives at CHE to win the pitch for the Tourism Queensland campaign. We wrote the original song "Empty Streets" especially for the pitch. The resulting "Where Else?" campaign won many awards including best original music - It actually started out as more of a "old world" Australian country style ballad. For the final mix we wanted to go all the way with a warm Louis Armstrong jazz feel - We brought in Gwyn Jay Allen to provide the vocals and some of our favourite musicians for the rhythm section and dixie style brass arrangement.


 The spot "Jewels of Growth"  was  shot across 5 continents. We enjoyed working with a diverse musical palette - scoring for traditional middle eastern instruments, recording virtuosic Oud and Flamenco guitar players and fusing middle eastern and western elements with childrens' voices, operatic textures and orchestral instruments.
We originally composed the score  to the hand-drawn storyboards that the director had prepared - The archetypal concept was to divide the film into three distinct sections - the opening section shows the boys quest to find and then disburse the "jewels of growth" throwing them to the four corners of the earth, the next section shows the sewing/planting of the jewels as seeds and the third section is the harvest of abundance.
You can watch the final film here.



Here's an overview reel featuring  short excerpts of screen and commercial projects we've completed. 
They are as follows:
Shanghai Global Tourism Campaign - Grosvenor Films - (Winner New York Festivals Best Film & TV Awards) • Mauritius Tourism Global Campaign - 'Rêve' - Compact/TBWA France - (The Active Motion Award Best Original Music) • Mitsubishi Pajero Global Campaign  - 'Clouds' - Asatsu DK Japan - (Winner The Activemotion Award Best Original Music) • 'Call Me Crazy' - Closing song for Sony Pictures Film (Nominated APRA Best Original Song Composed for Screen) • Ford Small Cars -  'Different' - JWT - (MADC Best Original Music Award) • Griffith University - 'Global Citizen' • Ford Fairmont Ghia • Qafco - Spinifex - 'Jewels of Growth' •  Silk - Trailer for Horror Film from CMC Pictures Taiwan • Mazda - 'Top Score' - CHE • Australian Open Tennis Theme - Mccann, Ford Ranger - 'Legendary Tough' - JWT,  'We Will Trot You' reworking  of Queen's 'We will Rock You',  More from 'City of Inspiration' Shanghai Tourism, Mazda 3 - 'Model' CHE,  Ford Brand Campaign -  JWT, Ford Focus - 'Chihuahua'  - JWT - Winner  (MADC Award Best Original Music) • TRS retake of “Come on Get Happy” • Dora the Explorer/Thomas the Tank Engine/ Devondale • Queensland Tourism 'Empty Streets" - CHE  (The Activemotion Best Original Music Award) • Hong Kong Land Global Campaign •  'I like to Move it' feat. Tippa Ire -Holden Barina  - Cummins & Partners • Mazda 2 - 'Model' CHE • Kmart •  Anchor Beer China (MADC Best Original Music Award) • RMIT University Brand ID, • Griffith University - 'Portals' • AU Brand ID - Spinach,  Youth Beyond Blue(Winner - The George Patterson Y&R Award Best Sound Design) • MS - 'Saboteur' • Kraft - 'Got the Bears' -  (Winner Best TVC MADC) • Dumb Ways to Die - 'April Fools Day'  - Mccann - this gruesomely adorable Valentine’s Day story  topped the viral charts upon its release.