Dare creates remix for White nights 2018 Metro Trains epic silent disco

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Dare created the remix soundtrack for the silent disco for 2018 White Night in a full scale model of Melbourne's next generation train. The train was equiped with wireless headsets as LED stick men hosted Melbourne's biggest ever silent Disco. A bespoke audio video and audio mapping work on the new train told the trains story while simultaneously transforming and shape-shifting it in a dazzling , entertaining display of digital technology.

The Age review "Best and worst of White Night Melbourne" by Hannah Francis & Ebony Bowden named the instillation among the top hits of the evening:

"A silent disco inside one of Melbourne’s new trains? Yes please.  This installation was as fun as it sounded, and a clever coup from the state government, which fitted out a model of a new high capacity train with dancers, disco lights and a DJ. Much funkier than your regular commute"

The instillation was created in conjuction with  DAE, Ministry of Entertainment and The Electric Canvas.





Dumb Ways to Valentine

Dare was asked by McCann to create soundtracks for ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ to tell new gruesomely adorable stories for the various characters from the wildly successful viral campaign.

Dare brought to life (and death) various spots to mark Valentines Day (17 million plus unique views), April Fools Day (11 million plus unique views), a Halloween series, translations into French and Spanish and a series mixed with live action to promote the widely successful game.

The viral success continues to climb with combined views of over 60 million. The game surpassed Facebook messenger, Crossy Road and even Candy Crush to become the No1 downloaded app in over 85 countries with 5.3 billion mini game plays. 

Watch the video

Call Me Crazy

Dare composers Daniel and Gideon have recently  produced and co-written the closing song for Sony Picture’s "Call Me Crazy: a Five Film" from Executive Producer Jennifer Aniston.

The song has just been nominated for the APRA Screen Music Awards in the category of "Best Original Song Composed for Screen".

"Call Me Crazy" stars Academy Award® and Golden Globe® winners Jennifer Hudson ("Dreamgirls"), Melissa Leo ("Oblivian") and Octavia Spencer ("The Help"), Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family"), Brittany Snow ("Pitch Perfect"), Sofia Vassilieva,  Ernie Hudson, Jason Ritter, three-time Emmy Award®-winner Jean Smart, Lea Thompson, Oscar®-nominee Melanie Griffith and Chelsea Handler. Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd and Sharon Maguire direct the anthology.

The brothers collaborated with composer Alex Wurman and singer/songwriter Jessica Paige on the song.

The movie was premiered in Los Angeles on April 18.


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Red Bull Beat Suite

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Dare has completed the sound, music and audio mix for the Red Bull Beat suites multimedia launch.

Red Bull broke down the boundaries between musical genres and created an event the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Imagine Aloe Blacc, Ladi6 and Ryan Ritchie's vocal talents on stage together for one night only. Drop in the rocking beats of Galapagoose, Amin Payne, Daltron, DJ Perplex, and Scratch 22 and you’ve got an insane show Add to this fifteen acclaimed members of the Australian Youth Orchestra and it becomes a world first event not to be missed. Plus, throw in a light show by world renowned light artists Eness, and we have ourselves a party ladies and gentlemen.

That's Beat Suite. The most beautiful musical Frankenstein you'll ever see.


Interactive Soundtrack for 'Barina Beats' Facebook Game


Dare creates addictive soundtrack for the new Holden Barina Radio Campaign and the 'Barina Beats'' Facebook Game.

GM Holden and McCann Melbourne have tapped into the popularity of social gaming with the launch of the 'Barina Beats' Facebook game.

'Barina Beats' is a fun take on a driving game and features an addictive backing track. It's simple to play but tricky to master - and there's a brand new Barina up for grabs for the person who gets the highest score.

Emma Pinwill, marketing manager at GM Holden, said: 'Barina Beats provides a fun gaming experience for fans of Holden's Small Cars. The game is designed to highlight the great features of the all-new Holden Barina and generate awareness.'