Daniel and Gideon Frankel

Daniel and Gideon Frankel are a multi-award winning creative team.

Composers, songwriters, and producers, they are passionate about storytelling and the creation of great recordings.  

It's no surprise that A-list directors and creatives turn to them when they need something special and the Brothers seize each opportunity to meld music and visuals with the same passion and artistry that they bring to their own work.

They have spent time in Australia and the USA writing and producing and as one of the most in demand production/composing teams in Australia, their ability to elicit exceptional performances from artists and musicians make them the obvious choice for premium projects from both Australia and around the world. 

Creating dynamic soundtracks on a grand and inspirational scale has led to many high-profile projects including composing the theme for the FINA World Swimming Championships and the theme for the Australian Open. Other major international commissions include music for some of the world's pre-eminent cities - Shanghai and Dubai as well as for the Island of Mauritias and Queensland, Australia.

The Brothers have earned a reputation for their fresh and creative takes on advertising briefs. They have crafted many original, and popular TVC soundtracks such as the quirky Ford Focus 'Chihuahua' series. Their vibrant music has been licensed by many of the worlds most iconic brands such as Ripcurl, Mazda and Nintento as well as being used to showcase high-performance sound systems for Pioneer.

"Great recordings are created with a great team. We love working with exceptional talent - singers, musicians, directors, writers and artists. We love the creative synergy that arises when people of different backgrounds bring their own ideas, expertise, creativity, skills and interpretations to a project with a shared focus and objectives. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

The Brothers have collaborated with cult Jamaican soul singer, Roy Young (Tommy Boy Records, New York). They have written and produced their own unique brand of psychedelic funk and soul with Roy Young in collaboration with the late Memphis legend Willie Mitchell (Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Booker -T, Tina Turner) and multi-Grammy winning New York engineer, Dave Darlington (Whitney Houston, Sting, Lauren Hill, Wayne Shorter, Bob Sinclair) and Andy Baldwin (Bjork, Ycleff Jean and Morcheeba).

The Brothers creative base is their own custom-built, state of the art studio, The Dare Imaginarium. The Dare Imaginarium was designed in consultation with renowned studio architect Peter Brown and also incorporates a classic recording room designed and tuned by legendary acoustician Richard Priddle. 

Daniel and Gideon work with the best. This is reflected in the consistency and quality of their work. They believe that music is Art and that great music transcends genre or style, hence their success at producing in many musical contexts from rock, psychedelic, funk, jazz, hip-hop, electronica to pop and orchestral.

"We are always in search of progressive sounds. It's incredibly exciting when music truly evolves and new styles and hybrids are created!"

The Frankels are also members of the experimental five-piece production collective '77'. 'Its great to know that when a production challenge presents itself we can call upon our production mastermind - Andy Baldwin multi-platinum producer/sound engineer,  composer/producer Jan Skubiszewski and producer/keyboard prodigy Ollie McGill.'

'We love to balance our original work with creative screen work and collaborations with great recording artists. It keeps us fresh and expanding our horizons. Today, more than ever, the audience is hungry for creative culture which respects their intelligence and entertainment values. That's what we love to do!'