Dare creates remix for White nights 2018 Metro Trains epic silent disco

metro trains 1.jpg

Dare created the remix soundtrack for the silent disco for 2018 White Night in a full scale model of Melbourne's next generation train. The train was equiped with wireless headsets as LED stick men hosted Melbourne's biggest ever silent Disco. A bespoke audio video and audio mapping work on the new train told the trains story while simultaneously transforming and shape-shifting it in a dazzling , entertaining display of digital technology.

The Age review "Best and worst of White Night Melbourne" by Hannah Francis & Ebony Bowden named the instillation among the top hits of the evening:

"A silent disco inside one of Melbourne’s new trains? Yes please.  This installation was as fun as it sounded, and a clever coup from the state government, which fitted out a model of a new high capacity train with dancers, disco lights and a DJ. Much funkier than your regular commute"

The instillation was created in conjuction with  DAE, Ministry of Entertainment and The Electric Canvas.