We composed and produced the score for "Jewels of Growth" for Qatar. This epic film was shot across 5 continents. The score is a fusion of Middle Eastern and Western instruments - oud, darbuka, ney, riq and santur with orchestra, childrens’ voices, and operatic textures.

It tells the  story of bringing growth and abundance from Qatar to all corners of the world. 

We originally composed the score to the director’s hand-drawn storyboards long before any filming had taken place. 

The film’s form is a  triptych with archetypal themes. The opening section depicts the boy's quest to find and disburse the "jewels of growth", the next chapter illustrates the sewing of the “jewels” and the final sequence shows the reaping of an abundant harvest.




We created the music theme and sonic ID for Melbourne’s iconic institute of technology - RMIT. The theme was used across all broadcast media, social media and streaming platforms.